Our service offerings includes a wide range accounting services, financial and operational analysis and internal audit. We identify and leverage accounting software and document management applications that work for your business.

We also provide a range of various other consulting services in strategy planning, processes improvements, leadership development, research, and financial support to streamline and coordinate business processes and maintain growth.




At Lotus Consulting, our accounting services entails full service bookkeeping, financial statement preparation, payroll, and tax preparations.

Whether you’re a business owner looking to keep your books in check, or you’re thinking of outsourcing your internal accounting process, our practices keep your documents organized, processed and readily available.



Information and data is very important to understand as a company. The obstacle is how to make that information beneficial to you. Having large data sets can be quite cumbersome to use and interpret on a continual basis.

The primary objective is to analyze your financial information and data sets to forecast trends and prepare for future growth and improvements.



Having an internal audit review completed can be greatly beneficial for management to ensure the company is operating efficiently and effectively. Each client is different and has its own unique practices.

Our responsibility is to examine and evaluate your financial reporting to ensure the reliability and integrity of its information. We work closely with our clients and make recommendations to help improve what matters most to your company.




Our consultants are highly equipped to provide accurate and detailed information to assist you in making complex business decisions with confidence and assurance.

Increasingly we find consulting firms relying on “cookie-cutter” approaches and solutions. We believe that as consultants, we are in the problem-solving business, and problems are best addressed by exploring different ideas and engaging in lively discussions. Our consultants utilize their diverse backgrounds and experiences to arrive at unique solutions to address challenging problems that you can work with.

With Lotus Consulting, our aim is to provide you with the tools and knowledge to make informed business decisions. Our approach is to work with you every step of the way to bring your concept to life. We want to understand what you want to do and our job is to help you get there.


We are a Calgary based financial and business consulting firm offering a wide range of expert services in Accounting, Analysis, Auditing, as well as a variety of other consulting services that can be easily applied to your business.

With over 15 years of experience we provide custom solutions, tailored to you, your industry, your culture, and your one-of-a-kind challenges. Whether you're looking for a small tweak or complete overhaul we are determined to help your company optimize its resources and drive effective results.

We believe communication and collaboration is substantial to growth in any industry. At Lotus Consulting we look forward to hearing from our clients and what they have to say. We want to have that constant dialogue with them, that is why we don’t believe in hourly rates or fixed costs. Every business is unique and has different requirements and goals.



There isn’t a one method fits all approach to accounting and bookkeeping. Businesses vary in size and so do their requirements. Whether you’re an independent contractor or a small to mid-sized business with big goals, we tailor our accounting solutions to fit your needs.


Understand how your business is performing. Proper and well kept financial statements will help you track your growth.

  • Full cycle accounts payable and receivable
  • Full bookkeeping services and payroll preparations
  • Monthly bank reconciliations
  • Monthly cash flow preparations
  • Monthly and annual financial statements
  • Monthly and year-end working papers and closing entries
  • Tax & GST preperations and filings
  • Audit and assurance


Whether its financial statements, operational initiatives, inventory details, or complex data loads, information can get cumbersome to understand and apply to your business. We help business owners identify key success areas and identify hurdles in order for them to make better business decisions.


Visualize your performance. Our solutions in operational and financial analysis will provide great insight on every facet of your organization.

  • Budgets preparation
  • Forecast analysis
  • Cost and revenue variance analysis
  • Operational reporting and activities
  • Performance analysis and productivity
  • Project management and cost accounting
  • Cost reductions


Conducting regular internal audits can be very beneficial in maintaining the integrity of your business practices. Each client is different and has its own unique practices. We ensure that we are taking the right steps to help grow your business and to stay in line with your vision.


We will ensure that your organization is utilizing its resources in the most efficient way by narrowing down risks and provide improvements.

  • Evaluate internal controls, identify gaps, and develop corrective actions.
  • Prepare Audit Plan to streamline and assist with external Auditors
  • Review audit work, evaluate audit results and prepare audit documentations.
  • Develop best practices to improve audit quality.
  • Provide value added recommendations


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